We Produce Natural Dates

Crunchy fresh dates in golden hues and ruby reds, sweet succulent translucent fresh ripe dates, juicy sticky dates and nutritious, chewy dried dates are all varieties of the same fruit. Fresh dates come in different colors, green, yellow, orange and red. They come in hundreds of varieties, sizes and tastes. Some are best eaten fresh, some are better dried. A few varieties can be frozen to be eaten throughout the year. The fresh date’s season stretches from the end of June for the early varieties to the end of Septemper for the late ones. Dried dates start appearing in autumn. Even the dried dates come in different forms. The softer juicy, sticky types that are usually vacuum packed or the dry variety that comes in loosely packed. Dates are eaten on their own and always accompanied with Arabic coffee. They can also be incorporated in cooking in different delicious treats such as cookies, cakes, and many other recipes even savory