Variety of Dates

Who would have thought that Dates comes in variety of size, shape, texture, and taste!


The most famous dates and is considered one of the finest varieties of dates. Cultivated in the eastern region, it has a caramel flavor when cured; delicious when eaten fresh.


Well known in the central region, a crispy dry kind of dates from Saudi Arabia. Cultivated in Riyadh. The most important physical parameters identified for grading fresh SUGEE dates are size, shape and external appearance.


Are very large dates, extremely sweet and exceptionally meaty. The glossy brown skin is tender and supple and encases dark amber interior. Slightly chewy and succulent, The MAJOUL is usually left to ripen on the tree so as to maximize its natural sugar development.


Cultivated at Madinah Monawara, the City of the Prophet having historical and religious importance. The pilgrims are very interested in procuring this prestigious date. AJWA is the best seller.


Sweet dates cultivated in Al Qaseem region in Saudi Arabia. Sukary Dates are highly demanded due to its taste and freshness; this is the variety most commonly taken with Arabic coffee.


Are soft dates cultivated in Madina and Yanbuae. It is dark brown and deliciously sweet and Medina is known for the best and most expensive dates at all with high demand.


Is considered to be the finest quality of dates from Madinah, Saudi Arabia, they are known for accelerating the natural healing process.


Is highly demanded by customers due to its taste freshness and price.

Health Benefits

Over the population of the whole world, still a lot of people are not familiar with Dates. A lot does not know that these tiny dried fruit carry a lot of health benefits. Let’s go straight to the point.